Request to Disconnect Service

This form is intended for customers to request the disconnection of utility service and close the account for the referenced property.

For any of the following situations please contact customer service. Do not submit this form if you are attempting to:
• Temporarily disconnect service for work on your electrical panel, meter base, water service, etc.
• Transfer service to a new owner/tenant/landlord. Requesting disconnect using the form below includes disconnect fees. To inquire if a new party has requested service to be transferred please contact customer service.
• Disconnect one of multiple PUD services. Examples: Shutting water off for the winter but leaving electricity connected, disconnecting one electric meter on your property and leaving others connected.
• Remove utility services. Please contact customer service before submitting this form if you would like utility services completely removed from your property.
• Disconnect due to a deceased account holder.
• Remove one account holder from an active account. Please call customer service to facilitate the removal of an account holder.

If you are moving from one PUD property to another, please submit both requests to (1) disconnect at vacated property (form below) and (2) begin service at newly obtained property. If you are unsure whether you are moving within the PUD service area, you can view the map here, or contact Customer Service.

Please note:

• A minimum of one business day is required to process this request.
• You must be a verifiable account holder to order a disconnection of service.
• You accept the fees associated with disconnecting the meters at the referenced property. The meters will be disabled. For an outline of disconnect fees, please see Schedule of Deposits and Charges.
• This request can also be made by phone by a verified active account holder. If you are unable to submit the request online, or have any questions, contact customer service at 360-452-9771, option 2.
• Be sure to submit a valid contact phone number with your request.
• Any billing deposit on file will be applied to the final account balance. A closing bill will be sent to your updated mailing address.
• Any final account credits will be:
 Transferred to any other active account held by the same customer, or
 Mailed by check to either the customer at their updated mailing address or directly to the assistance agency that paid the deposit, if applicable.