Safety for Contractors

Whether it be a large commercial scale project, or a homeowner has hired a contractor to perform work around a residential home, contractors and their employees should be aware of the hazards of both overhead and underground electric power. Safety is paramount and can make the difference in your success on the job. New workers are vulnerable if they aren’t familiar with the hazards of working around electricity. Experienced workers can also be at risk due to fatigue or complacency. It is important to always be vigilant! Safety is one of the core values of the PUD and we want to be your partner in working safely.

Fortunately there are a lot of resources available. Below are some links to training resources and publications you can share with your workers.

PUD Electrical Safety for Contractors

Guide to Safe Digging

Washington Labor & Industries – Overhead Power Lines 

Washington Labor & Industries – Underground Utilities

Washington Call Before You Dig

Electrical Safety Foundation International – Overhead Power Lines