Safe Landscaping

When you make plans to landscape or make other changes in your yard, please remember these important points regarding PUD equipment.

• Obstructing airflow can affect equipment cooling and cause damage.

• Obstructions can cause delays when restoring electric service.

• Do not paint PUD equipment.

• Do not fence, landscape, or build any structures within 10 feet of the front and 3 feet from sides and back of PUD equipment that would restrict access.

• The PUD will remove obstructions that impede work access.

Meter Access: Shrubs should be trimmed, dogs restricted, and pathways should be clear for safe access to metering equipment. Meters shall not be enclosed or put in the rear of buildings or in a location that is fenced. Pathways need to be a minimum of 2′ in width and if there is a walkway over a ditch that is wider than 6′, a structurally sound handrail is required. Clear space in front of the meter equipment shall be 36″ deep, as wide as the equipment or 36″ (whichever is greater) and as high as the top of the equipment or at least 6’6″ high. Meters shall be readily removable (not plastered or built in), not recessed behind the exterior wall surface. Any meter that is installed in an alley or driveway must be flush mounted on the wall and protected adequately to prevent damage from vehicular traffic. In the event of loss or damage to District property arising from neglect, carelessness or misuse, the cost of necessary repairs or replacement will be billed to the Customer.

Planting Trees: Read up on best practices when selecting/planting landscaping trees around electrical here.

If you are unsure if your landscaping plans will interfere with our equipment, please call us at (360) 452-9771 or toll-free at 1 (800) 542-7859.