Emergency Planning

Emergencies and Disaster Planning

In the case of a significant emergency, especially county-wide, it is important that you be prepared as there are numerous variables and unforeseen complications that can impact restoration of service. If the damage originates with the Bonneville Power Administration(BPA) transmission lines, from whom the PUD receives its wholesale power, then restoration is dependent on BPA crews to respond.

The District is a partner in Clallam County’s overall Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP), which can be found here. The PUD completed it’s Emergency Response and Restoration Plan (ERRP) in 2018. (Some content redacted to protect confidential information.)

The best thing our customers can do for themselves and their loved ones, is to be as prepared as possible for a disaster. This can include family drills to establish a meeting location, a 3 week supply of potable water and non perishable food, and first aid and other essential supplies. The following links are a great start to helping you be better prepared and confident in the case of an emergency:

PUD Employee Emergency Guidebook for Home
Clallam County Emergency Management
Washington Emergency Management Division – Preparedness
Ready.gov – a comprehensive preparedness site for planning and preparing for an emergency, including planning checklists and emergency kit lists
Water Purification and Storage
American Red Cross- Prepare Your Home & Family
National Tsunami Warning Center – Tsunami Safety Rules
Pacific NW Seismic Network – Learning Links