SmartPay Prepaid Meter Accounts

Take control of your electric account with SmartPay! Free yourself up from deposits and manage your account from the convenience of your computer or smart phone. SmartPay allows you to:
• Pay what you can, when you can, anytime 24/7!
• Track your daily usage
• Avoid late fees and collection fees
• Your electric service continues as long as you have funds in your account.

No Deposits • No Due Dates • No Late Fees • No Billing Statements

It works just like buying gas for your car, or prepaid minutes for your cell phone. Sign up online by completing the form below. You can also enroll through the SmartHub online account portal, app, or call us at 360-452-9771 or 800-542-7859!

SmartPay Brochure
SmartPay Terms of Service

Understand how much energy you typically use every month: review your usage history in recent billing statements or via SmartHub.

Review the Residential Appliance Energy Usage Guide to learn how much energy your electrical items use.

Avoid power shut-offs: track your SmartPay balance and daily energy usage via SmartHub — especially during cooler months.

To get the biggest bang for your SmartPay buck, install the SmartHub App on your smartphone for quick and easy access.

For peace of mind, whenever possible, buy a bit more power than you think you’ll need, just in case…

Don’t use U.S. Mail or PUD payment drop boxes to make SmartPay payments; it could result in payment delays and shut-offs.

Visit our High Bills page to learn the key reasons behind high energy usage, and how to avoid it. For example, when it’s cold out, both your electric heating system and water heater run longer to heat things up.

Did you know that the typical pre-paid power customer uses 10% – 12% less energy than they did before?

By closely watching your energy usage, you’ll see how your activities – and the weather — affect your SmartPay balance.

To learn more about saving energy, pick up an Energy Saver Guide at your local PUD office, or online.

Please note: the form below is to enroll in our SmartPay prepaid meter program.  If you are wanting to make a payment on your PUD account, please visit our Payments page for the options available to you.