June is National Safety Month! The National Safety Council has compiled the following tip sheets on safety topics that you can download here for free!

Preparedness Tip Sheet

Wellness Tip Sheet

Slips & Falls Tip Sheet

Safe Driving Tip Sheet


The District considers safety a highest priority. Not just within the scope of our work, but for our customers as well. Below you will find information on safety that you can use to be safe around electricity.

We also offer safety demonstrations for your group meetings, lunches, or classrooms. Click here for more information.

Some tips regarding electrical safety:

● Look up and around before trimming those branches.

● Watch overhead power lines when working or playing with long objects (such as ladders, antennas, snow rakes, fishing rods, boat mast, or tree trimmers.

● Obey the 10-foot-rule–don’t allow equipment, tools, or objects closer than 10 feet to an overhead power line.

● Don’t let anyone climb in trees near overhead power lines.

● Do not plant trees near overhead power lines. (Find out how the District utilizes Vegetation Management to prevent outages!) Downed power line can kill. Don’t guess; call your local electric utility.

Call Before You Dig! Before digging, excavating, setting a mailbox, fence post or planting trees and shrubs, remember to call for a locate of underground utilities.

Safety Links:

Electric Safety Foundation International

National Fire Protection Association

National Safety Council