Commercial Programs

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Clallam County PUD is committed to helping local businesses save energy and reduce monthly electric bills. When bills go down, profits go up and the community’s economy is strengthened.

Whether an owner or a facility manager of a large industrial site, or a small business owner, or operator of a commercial venture, your PUD can provide a free energy consultation where we review your business’ production process; check a building’s lighting, heating and cooling systems; help determine the highest consumers of electricity; and offer suggestions on how to possibly save energy each month. In some cases, the PUD can help to pay for upgrades to more energy efficient equipment. Essentially, if it uses electrical energy, we encourage you to contact us so that we can begin a discussion about how we can better support you.


Electric lighting accounts for nearly 40% of all the energy consumed in U.S. commercial buildings each year. One of the best ways to reduce a business’ electric usage is to update the building’s lighting. With the added benefit of new modern lighting technologies, like LED and high performance T8 fluorescent, you can often create a brighter and more pleasant lighted environment.

LED Area Light Replacement Fixture Rebate Application

For interested electrical contractors and outside consultants, we utilize Bonneville Power Administration’s lighting calculator to calculate incentives and energy savings for new and retrofit lighting projects. Feel to grab a copy of that lighting calculator by clicking here, and do contact us if you have any questions, or comments. We are here to support you.

Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning

The Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) rebate program was designed to be flexible enough to meet the needs of small and large commercial and institutional customers like schools and governments. We have incentives for heat pumps, and ductless heat pumps, and have the flexibility to work with you on other HVAC solutions through our custom project process, described below. We can work directly with your trusted heating contractor to help maximize the efficiency of your business’ HVAC equipment or you can contact one of our participating installers directly.

Participating Installers

Custom Projects

Customers considering capital improvement projects; an extensive maintenance overhaul; upgrades to air compressor systems, water pumps, or refrigeration equipment may receive technical assistance from the District. We have access to technical expertise and industry experts from throughout the Northwest that you may find helpful as well as we can help to pay for the purchase and installation of a higher efficiency option, reducing operating costs and saving money on future utility bills.

These services are available to all of our customers, and we are interested in talking about and potentially funding basically anything that we can verify to provide measurable energy savings that will benefit both you and the District as an organization.

Energy Smart Industrial

In order to better serve our industrial customers’ varied needs and operations, we’ve partnered with Bonneville Power Administration to offer the expertise of the BPA’s Energy Smart Industrial (ESI) contract team. Through ESI we offer project development for new and existing projects. We encourage you to talk to us so that we can figure out exactly how we can tailor this program to your specify need.