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Revision to District Residential Meter Policy
January 29, 2024

Due to various factors, the District can no longer procure and stock analog meters or parts to refurbish them. As a result, the District submitted a revised policy for the Board of Commissioners to review. The revised policy includes the following changes:

• discontinue offering analog meters as an opt out meter option;
• continue to offer non-transmitting digital display meters; and
• standardize the current “opt-out” process.

All other existing terms of the policy remain unchanged.

This revised policy was presented to the Board of Commissioners at the January 22, 2024 regular board meeting. Again, these revisions do not change the existing procedure to opt out of remote-read or advanced meters. Opt out forms will continue to be processed, except for the following customers:

• Customers that participate in services or optional rates that require advanced metering (e.g. Net Metering and Pre-Pay);
• Customers that have tampered with the meter or cut the meter seal;
• Customers that have poly-phase service or are served by a demand meter;
• Customers that require disconnect for nonpayment;
• Customers/Accounts enrolled in the Continuous Service program for landlords. Continuous service allows
an account owned by a tenant to revert back into the landlord’s name in the event of a vacancy;
• Customers that violate the Facility Access Policy. For reference, the Facility Access Policy can be found at
The non-transmitting digital meters that will be used in place of analog meters for opt out customers are:
• Non-advanced (Non-smart and can only be manually read by field personnel)
• Non-transmitting (Do not emit any RF or communicate for any purpose)

The Board of Commissioners will discuss and may approve, at their discretion, these revisions during the February 12, 2024 regular board meeting. If you wish to submit feedback on this update, please send it by email on or before February 7, 2024 to: Your email will be provided to the Board of Commissioners for consideration.

Residential Meter Policy Draft