Watts Green Power

Through our Watts Green program, you can purchase the environmental benefits of energy generated at Hidden Hollow Landfill Gas to Energy facility in Ada County, Idaho; a green energy project developed and constructed in 2006.

There are two ways to participate, depending on your level of interest.

  1. 100% Watts Green Power: Through Watts Green, you get 100% of the environmental benefit attributed to your energy use just  just 0.3¢/kWh (that’s $0.003/kWh) above your current electric rate.
  2. Watts Green Power Blocks: 100 kWh blocks of 100% equivalent environmental energy benefit for $0.30/block/month. You can purchase as many blocks as you choose on a monthly basis.
    For example, you can subscribe to 10 blocks of Watts Green Power (1,000 kWhs) per month.
    You can even do a one-time purchase. You may find this option of particular interest if you wanted to apply the environmental benefit to a one-time or recurring event.

About the Program

  • Participation is voluntary and flexible
  • There’s no time commitment and you can choose to change or stop your participation at any time
  • You can see a rate comparison document here.

Sign up today!

If you or your business would like to support renewable energy development by participating in our Watts Green Program, please complete and submit the secure online form below.  Signing up is easiest and most efficient using this method. However, if you prefer to sign up via a non-electronic format please click here.

Watts Green Image

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Utility Services Department at 360-565-3249 or Utility.Services.Info@clallampud.net. You can sign up right now by filling out the form below.