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January 22, 2021


We have seen an uptick again in telephone scam calls attempting to collect money while impersonating PUD employees.  In the calls, the scammer says they are with the PUD (or possibly PG & E) and threatens to shut off power if a large sum of money is not paid (within 10 minutes, perhaps at a non-PUD location, or there could be other methods we are not aware of).

Typically, PUD customers will not receive a phone call from the PUD about disconnect, although there is a notification process in place. And, because of FACTA, the PUD does not provide any information to customers about their account unless the customer provides verification that they are the account holder. Disconnects for non-payment also occur during normal working hours, Monday-Friday, providing one more opportunity for customers to make arrangements.

In addition, utilities are currently under the Governor’s moratorium on late fees and disconnects. While arrearages will need to be paid, disconnects are not occurring at this time. If you are behind on your utility bill, please contact us as soon as possible so we can make long-term payments arrangements and connect you with assistance resources. 

The PUD encourages customers to be cautious when providing personal information, and when in doubt, call the PUD at 360-452-9771 to verify the legitimacy of the inquiry.