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Scam Alert – Be Aware
August 18, 2015

Clallam PUD is warning customers of possible telephone scams where the caller poses as a PUD employee and attempts to collect money through various means. This has happened sporadically throughout the year to both residential and business customers not only at Clallam PUD, but nationwide.

The most recent scam has a caller contacting business owners indicating that if the business owner does not pay the PUD immediately they would be disconnected.

While the PUD does disconnect power for nonpayment, it does have a process it follows. At approximately 33 days after the customer’s bill date, if the customer has not paid they will receive a past due notification on their next bill.  This amount will be clearly indicated as past due in bold on the bill.  This is the 10 day notice to pay.  If, after 10 days, payment is not received the customer will receive a final 5 day notice to pay.  If payment is not received during the 5 day notice then a service order is completed to perform a disconnect for non-payment.

Typically, PUD customers will not receive a phone call from the PUD about disconnect.  And, because of FACTA, the PUD does not provide any information to customers about their account unless the customer provides verification that they are the account holder. Disconnects for non-payment also occur during normal working hours, Monday-Friday, providing one more opportunity for customers to make arrangements.

The PUD encourages customers to be cautious when providing personal information, and when in doubt, call the PUD at 360-452-9771 to verify the legitimacy of the inquiry.