Net Metering

Clallam County PUD offers net metering for customers who generate their own electricity using fuel cells, solar, wind, water, or animal waste biogas as an energy source.

How does Net Metering work?

  • While you’ll continue to pay the applicable basic monthly charge, we’ll provide a meter that will register energy that flows into and out of your service separately.
  • We’ll subtract the difference between the two reads and if you receive more than what you deliver to the District, you will be billed for that at the same applicable electrical rate as you have now. If you deliver more to the District than you received, then we will bank those energy credits for you until the following month.
  • You’ll be able to accumulate that energy balance on an annual basis, and once a year in March your balance will be returned to zero and the process will start over for the next year.

Basic Program Requirements:

• We strongly recommend that you apply for Interconnection, before your renewable energy production system is installed, to ensure compliance with all PUD policies and procedures, and eligibility for the program.
• Clallam County PUD must approve your Interconnection Application before you connect to the electric grid.
• Interconnection Applicants must sign and submit an Interconnection Agreement for Net Metering (issued by Clallam PUD to approved Interconnection applicants)
• An interconnected electrical generating system used by a home owner or business must include, at the customer’s own expense all equipment necessary to meet applicable safety, power quality, and interconnection requirements established by:

o Clallam County PUD
o National Electrical Code (NEC)
o National Electrical Safety Code
o Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
o Underwriters Laboratories (UL), and
o all applicable state and local agencies.

Questions? Contact our Utility Services department at
(360) 565-3249 or  email

Net Metering Documents:

Net Metering Fact Sheet

Interconnection Requirements Policy

Interconnection Application