More Powerful Together

As our community’s needs and priorities change, local voices and choices helps Clallam PUD easily adapt and support shared interests. What’s best for our neighbors is best for Clallam PUD. Working hand-in-hand with consumers, public power forms a dependable lifeline for local needs. We are #MorePowerfulTogether.

Public power makes you more than a customer. You’re a partner. You are more than a number; you’re a promise for a better future. Consumers are the most important part of public power. We also work with you to find innovative energy solutions, boost reliability, and generate savings. Here are several ways we all benefit from our powerful partnership:

Commercial Energy Improvements
• Economic Development
Contractor Safety
Rebates & Incentives
• Local Control
Tap your meter to control energy use
•  Download our mobile app
• Learn how system upgrades boost reliability

Public power matters. We are all part of the lifeline Clallam PUD provides to support and strengthen our community. Working together, we create innovative energy solutions to make life easier. Share your stories about the impact public power makes locally using the hashtag #MorePowerfulTogether.

We are public power.
We are More Powerful Together.