Message From the General Manager

A Message From The General Manager

In 1940 the people of Clallam County voted to establish a Public Utility District.  PUDs are unique in the nation, not-for-profit, by and for the local communities that we serve. I invite you to read the Washington Public Utility Districts Association brochure, “What is a PUD?” You can explore our Clallam PUD history on our History page.

earlypudbldgThe fledgling PUD has since developed three more utilities, water and then sewer, and in 2000 the Legislature authorized PUDs to go into the wholesale telecommunications business. No matter how we grow, we continually strive to fulfill our mission:

To provide reliable, efficient, safe, and low cost utility services in a financially and environmentally responsible manner.

In July 2007, Washington State Auditor Brian Sonntag wrote a letter to the General Manager of Public Utility No. 1 of Clallam County congratulating us for 20 consecutive audits without a finding. “This significant accomplishment shows the District’s dedication to sound financial operations and reporting,” wrote the State Auditor. We are proud to be recognized for our “commitment to accountability.”

Every day the PUD staff is working hard, either behind the scenes, or in the field to provide our customers with affordable and efficient services. In addition to the daily operation of the PUD, we offer energy rebate programs, educational opportunities, and utility payment assistance. Weather and other events can cause problems that do not conform to regular working hours, and the PUD vehicles will be on the scene to restore service as quickly and safely as possible.

Our staff represents not only your PUD, but are also PUD customers and your neighbors. As such, they are in a unique position to appreciate the role that public utilities hold in our communities. It is a pleasure to serve you. I welcome your comments and suggestions. You can send your ideas by email.

Doug Nass
Clallam County PUD No. 1 General Manager

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