Lighting & Appliances

Energy for lighting and household appliances accounts for 10% – 30% of the average American electric bill.


  1. Going room by room, examine your household lighting and appliances to determine:
    • if they are working properly. If not consider replacing older appliances Energy Star certified energy efficient ones.
    • if you could get by with less, e.g., you may have 100-watt (or larger) incandescent bulbs where 60 or 75 watt incandescent — or better yet, 12—16 watt compact fluorescent bulbs would do.
    • if you could install motion sensor/dimmer/sunrise-sunset switches and/or surge protector outlet strips (with off-switch) to save energy.
  2. Do a similar inspection of your home’s exterior to identify ways you can save energy, for example:
    • Get rid of that old energy guzzling fridge/freezer in the garage.
    • Replace your low-wattage landscape lighting with solar landscape lighting.
    • Convert your area/security lighting to Good-neighbor compact fluorescent lighting.

Source Material: US Dept. of Energy

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