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John Purvis Appointed to PUD Commissioner District 2 Position
April 25, 2023

Clallam PUD is pleased that General Superintendent John Purvis has been appointed to fill the Commissioner, District 2 seat vacated by Rick Paschall. While it may seem unusual to appoint someone from staff, it is a fortunate convergence of events that presented this opportunity.

John applied as a candidate because he is nearing retirement and has a highly skilled team who he has been preparing for succession for some time. This presents an opportunity to remain involved in the future success of the PUD in a new role during a critical period of profound change and transformation. The PUD benefits from his valuable institutional knowledge, power systems experience and the network of relationships he has developed with community and regional partners. John’s extensive experience over a 40 year career includes:

1. Power generation and resource planning, including regional power contracts and BPA contract discussions
2. Engineering and operation of Electric, Water and Broadband transmission and distribution systems
3. Implementation of a wide variety of smart grid technologies and applications
4. Planning and implementation of statutes and systems associated with energy conservation, elimination of carbon in power supply, vehicle electrification and GHG reporting
5. Working closely with and responsive to many customers and community partners on a wide variety of energy projects

You may view the PUD’s news release regarding the appointment below.

Appointment News Release 2023