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PUD and Forks Partner to Improve Lighting / Energy Efficiency
May 11, 2016

Clallam PUD’s lighting rebate program helped the City of Forks successfully complete its streetlight LED Conversion Project at no direct cost to the City.

Converting the old high pressure sodium and metal halide streetlights to more energy efficient LED lights will save the City of Forks an estimated 149,000 kWh per year in energy savings, equaling $9,000 per year in utility bill savings as well as an additional estimated $5,000 in maintenance savings. Getting rid of the old lighting systems have also improved the light quality of the City’s street lighting, since the new LED lighting system produces a clean white light that renders colors truer to daylight than the old lights.

Bryon Monohon, City of Forks Mayor, says, “The installation progress of the LED lighting was really interesting. I would drive down the road and marvel at how clear and bright the new lights were and then all of a sudden I would be in an area where the conversion hadn’t happened yet and I would wonder how I had ever thought the old lights were good. It’s even better when I think about how much money the City will be saving on electricity!”

Mattias Järvegren, PUD Utility Services Advisor II, says, “Partnering with the City of Forks on this project was a meaningful experience as it benefits not only the PUD in meeting our energy conservation targets, but it really is an upgrade in lighting quality for our customer in Forks.”

A total of 346 street lights were replaced at a total project cost of $176,863.  The cost was fully funded by the Washington State Transportation Improvement Board’s Relight Washington Program and a PUD lighting upgrade incentive.

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