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PUD Electric Rates Remain Favorable
March 30, 2016

Clallam County PUD #1 (PUD) retail residential electric rates remain favorable compared to those of surrounding utilities and regional / national averages.

“We are proud to say we have been proactive in our communication about rate pressures and also proud to note that retail residential rates at Clallam PUD are quite favorable when compared to other utilities in the region and when compared nationally,” said Doug Nass, PUD General Manager.  “We are quite fortunate to have the low cost, renewable, carbon free federal hydro system as our primary source of energy.”

How Do Clallam PUD Rates Compare?

Residential electric rates of Clallam County PUD are favorable when compared to surrounding utilities, and especially when compared to regional and national averages.

The chart below shows Clallam PUD’s residential electric rates as well as the rates of surrounding or nearby utilities.  The math is fairly simple: we took a “typical size” load of 1200 kilowatt hours of energy use, multiplied it by the energy rate, and added in the basic charge (where applicable) for each utility.


In this chart, we show what your PUD’s residential kWh electric rate, effective April 1, 2016, is compared to that of the national average, Washington’s average, Oregon’s average, Idaho’s average, and California’s average as of their January 2016 data.


The electric utility industry, including your PUD, is facing rate pressure challenges that come as the result of renewable energy mandates, fish and wildlife mitigation mandates, environmental mandates, regulatory mandates, and more.

PUD Commissioners approved a 3.8% retail electric rate increase at their December 14, 2015, meeting that is effective with all bills rendered on or after April 1, 2016.

Clallam County PUD is committed to its mission of providing reliable, efficient, safe and low cost utility services in a financially and environmentally responsible manner.

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