Duct Sealing Rebates

Your PUD is currently offering rebates for home duct-sealing performed by PUD-approved participating contractors meeting PTCS specifications. Rebates are as follows:

$250: electrically-heated site-built homes
$200: electrically-heated manufactured homes

Participating Installers

Restrictions apply. Eligibility for this incentive
requires that all relevant requirements and
specifications be met, including those below:

  • Must use Participating Installers; no exceptions.
  • Home must have an electric forced-air or heat
    pump heating system with ductwork.
  • Residence receiving duct-sealing incentive must
    have PUD electrical service.
  • Incentives are deducted from bid sub-total.
  • The PUD issues incentive funds for eligible jobs
    to Participating Installers after job verification.
  • Bids may vary widely; we recommend that you obtain two or more quotes.
  • Rebates may be modified or discontinued at any time.