Residential Duct Sealing Incentive Programs

Depending on the location of your home heating system’s ductwork, you may be spending large portions of your heating bill on unnecessarily heating your crawlspace or attic. Ductwork is not air tight by itself and the equipment used to seal yours may have failed years ago. Small cracks at seams and joints will allow heat to pass outside it’s intended area and when added up over the entire system can be equivalent to a very large hole. To help identify and correct this waste of energy (and degradation of indoor air quality) your PUD is currently offering incentives for home duct-sealing performed by PUD-approved participating contractors meeting PTCS specifications.

Instant Incentive amount: The instant incentive ranges from $200 up to $250. (Your installer will be able to determine the incentive your situation qualifies for) The incentive is deducted from the overall cost of the installation to give you instant savings, and upon completion of the installation, the incentive will be paid to the installing contractor.

Here’s how our incentive program works:
1. Contact one or more Participating Heating Installers for bids and to talk about eligibility. Their bids will include the PUD instant rebate amount. We recommend contacting at least three in order to get a competitive quote, but it’s your choice whom you decide to work with.

2. Select a Participating Installer, have the work done, and collect your instant incentive.

3. The Participating Installer submits a copy of the bid as well as any supporting documentation for you.

4. PUD reviews and approves the instant rebate documents and performs any required verification visits. We don’t require a visit at every job, but we do reserve the right to follow up to ensure quality of work and program compliance.

5. PUD pays the instant incentive amount to the Participating Installer, and you’re only responsible for your portion.

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Participating Installers (See below or click link for complete list for all programs)

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