Community Solar

Thanks to the generous support from a group of 82 community members who signed up to participate in our Community Solar program, whose participation allowed us to build a 30 kiloWatt solar array located at 150 N. Govan Avenue in downtown Sequim. The solar array feeds renewable energy directly into our distribution system at the site, and energy credits for the generation are allocated among the participants proportionate to the number of units for which they signed up.

Wondering how your Community solar energy credit on your bill was determined? Here’s the calculation we use:

Solar energy generated ÷ total Community Solar units (2,000) x PUD Community Solar Credit ($0.074) x number of units you purchased = Solar Energy Bill Credit

We cannot currently show real-time solar information (power and energy) from the solar array because the recent software update provided by the inverter manufacturer does not have a public data option. This will be provided for in a future update.

Location of Community Solar Project at 410 E. Washington St in Sequim.

View of property from across the street.

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