Apply For Service

Representatives are available Monday through Thursday at customer service locations to assist you with signing up for service.

Residential Service

For fastest service, our online residential service application is available here. If you are unable to apply online, you may visit any of our office locations to sign up for service.

Please bring two pieces of unexpired, government-issued identification, one of which contains a photograph. The PUD will accept all forms of identification approved by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and/or the U.S. Transportation Security Administration.

To save you time, download a new service form: Application Contract & Customer Info Form
Please fill out this form, print, SIGN BEFORE A NOTARY (available at PUD offices)and fax or mail it to us. This application must be filled out in its entirety. Failure to do so may delay processing your request to provide service. Please provide information for all persons held responsible for the account. Note: only those persons listed as a responsible party on the account can receive information regarding the account.

If needed: Native American Tax Exempt Form

Fax: 360-681-5474
Mail: PO Box 1000, Carlsborg WA 98324

A minimum of one business day’s notice is required for service reconnect, disconnect or transfer between parties. If services are currently disconnected at the location, the Main Service Disconnect (Main Breaker) must be in the open or “off” position prior to reconnection of service. If the Main is closed or “on” at the time of reconnection, services will not be connected and a trip charge will be applied to the account. Note: If service has been disconnected for over a year, we require an L & I inspection in order to reconnect service.

We will bill the account in accordance with our Schedule of Deposits and Charges. You may be asked to pay a deposit. If your credit assessment shows a satisfactory credit rating, we may waive the deposit requirement.

Identity Verification: As part of our Identity Theft Prevention program that is required by law, the PUD uses Social Security Numbers (SSN) to validate the identity of customers. Customers who do not provide their SSN may apply for service in person at a customer service office with two (2) pieces of current, government-issued photo I.D., and pay a billing deposit.

Commercial Service

For fastest service, our online commercial service application form can be found here. If you are unable to apply online, you may visit any of our office locations to sign up for service.