Safety Manager

POSITION: Safety Manager
HEADQUARTERS: Carlsborg Main Office
STATUS: Regular, Full-time, Exempt Staff Position
WORK WEEK: Monday through Thursday
SUPERVISOR: General Manager
SALARY RANGE: Range 24 ($8,156 to $13,253 per month)

POSITION OBJECTIVE: Manage and direct the District’s Safety and Accident Prevention Program. Manage the District’s Emergency Response and Restoration Program and Preparedness and Security Programs. Represent the District in community and industry groups and programs as requested. Ensure the efficient use of resources while providing a safe work place to facilitate accomplishment of the District’s mission and goals.

REQUIREMENTS: The District expects all employees to provide high quality and reliable service to its customers. To accomplish this, a high standard of professionalism, a positive attitude, cooperation and team effort between individual employees, as well as among all departments, is required. The attached job description details the job functions, skills, knowledge, abilities, experience, training, working conditions and other requirements to fulfill this position. To be considered a candidate for this position, applicants must meet the requirements contained in the job description.

SELECTION PROCESS: Applicants must complete and submit a supplemental questionnaire, employment application, a cover letter, resume and a minimum of three letters of recommendation.

Candidates’ abilities and qualifications may be evaluated using an examination, interview, cover letter, resume, letters of recommendation, education and training courses completed to determine reading, computer and communication skills; ability to learn, understand instructions and solve problems; ability to plan and organize work schedules; ability to supervise and evaluate employee performance; knowledge of electric line operations and construction practices, tools, and materials; knowledge of vegetation management processes; knowledge of accident prevention rules and regulations; ability to train others; knowledge of first aid and traffic control and other skills and abilities needed to fulfill the requirements of this position.

Based upon these evaluations, District Management will make the selection.

POSITION CLOSING DATE: Applications will be accepted until the position is filled. (First review July 5, 2022). If you have questions regarding this notice, the requirements and/or the selection process, contact Human Resources.

Human Resources
PO Box 1000
Carlsborg, WA 98324
telephone 360.565.3276.

Opportunity Notice
Job Description
Application for Employment
Supplemental Questionnaire