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PUD Declares Stage 2 Water Alert for the Upper Fairview Water System
September 8, 2022

The PUD is requesting that water utility customers in the upper Fairview Water System begin voluntary water conservation measures. This is a Stage 2 Response from the District’s Drought Response Plan.

Water for the upper Fairview View Water System is primarily supplied from Morse Creek. Based on streamflow data collected by the USGS, the PUD predicts that Morse Creek streamflow will drop to 25 cfs within 1 week. According to the District’s Drought Response Plan, this forecast meets the criteria for a Stage 2 Response. In accordance with the District’s Morse Creek water right, withdrawals from the creek must cease at levels below 25 cfs. The District is preparing for operation of the Deer Park Road Pump Stations to pump water from wells in the lower Fairview Area to the upper Fairview area. The PUD has begun asking upper Fairview customers to voluntarily reduce their overall water usage.

The upper Fairview Water System includes all PUD water services south of the Deer Park Reservoir on Deer Park Rd and south of John Jacobs Rd off O’Brien Rd.

The objective of the Stage 2 plan is to encourage upper Fairview customers to conserve and prepare customers for additional drought response measures.

• Reduce outdoor water use.
• Fix all leaky faucets and toilets.
• Take shorter showers, not baths.
• Install low-flow showerheads and faucets.
• Operate automatic dish and clothes washers only when full.
• Reuse clean household water. Collect all water that is wasted while waiting for the hot water to reach your faucet. Use this water for houseplants or outdoor plants.
• Use water efficient appliances.

For a more comprehensive list of actions to save water or to access more information on water conservation go to