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PUD Board of Commissioners KONP Response
November 14, 2022

The following letter was sent to KONP on November 9 on behalf of the Board of Commissioners of Clallam PUD in support of Assistant General Manager John Purvis.  The full letter is below. The statement made by John Purvis can be read in it’s entirety as part of KONP’s followup to this letter here.

The Board of Commissioners of Clallam County PUD was presented with a public comment letter at the Commission meeting of October 24, 2022 by Assistant General Manager John Purvis regarding the candidate debate that you hosted on October 20, 2022.

In his letter, Mr. Purvis addresses a statement made during the debate that directly referenced him and which Mr. Purvis contends are both erroneous and damaging to his professional reputation.
Mr. Purvis brought his comment to the meeting having taken Personal Time Off (PTO) to do so, in order to not conflict with Public Disclosure Commission rules about campaigning. In his comment he requested that his statement (attached) be forwarded with a cover letter requesting “that all reasonable actions be taken to correct the misinformation about me, and attempt to undo the damage done”.
The Board supports Mr. Purvis, and having reviewed the background facts, agrees that this incorrect statement is harmful to the positive community partnerships and customer relations that he and other PUD staff have cultivated. While the Board nor the District take any position with regard to elections, the Board finds it necessary to correct inaccurate factual statements concerning its functionality and personnel.

We respectfully request that KONP take reasonable measures to mitigate the damage this false statement may cause, whether by issuing a correction on your website, publishing Mr. Purvis’ letter on your website and social media, by inviting Mr. Purvis to discuss the PUD’s efforts in integrating renewables, or other efforts as you may suggest. To the extent you would like to discuss further or seek other background information, the Board will readily cooperate and assist.

Thank you for your consideration.

Board of Commissioners of Clallam PUD