Commission Meetings

Public Utility District #1 of Clallam County regular Board meetings are  scheduled for the 2nd and 4th Mondays of every month at 1:30 PM. Changes in location, special meetings, or notices of cancellation will be posted here so please check back for any updates prior to attending.

Attendees are welcome to attend via Zoom or in-person in the Lake Crescent Boardroom at 104 Hooker Road at the PUD Main Office in Carlsborg. 

There are two public comment periods on regular meeting agendas. If you wish to make a public comment during these periods, please do one of the following: 

  1. If attending in person, please step up to the podium. Be sure to speak clearly into the microphone; or
  2. If attending via Zoom, please use the Zoom “Raise hand” function and unmute yourself to speak when you are called upon.

The next regular Board Meeting is scheduled for December 12th at 1:30 PM. This will be a HYBRID meeting. 

*Please note: Board packets are generally posted no later than the Thursday prior to a board meeting. All items in the board packet are considered DRAFTS until approved by a quorum of Commissioners at the board meeting.

Commission Meeting Presentation Documents

Audio Recordings of Commission Meetings

Approved Meeting Minutes

A rolling 12 months of meeting minutes are posted here. If you are searching for something earlier, please use our public records request form, which will allow you to specify keywords.