CARES COVID-19 Financial Assistance Application

Application submission: Please fill out the application below, and submit along with supporting documentation.

Please understand there is a limited amount of funding, and once depleted assistance will no longer be available. Please allow a minimum of five business days to receive a response.

Amounts will be credited to utility bills based on the matrix outlined below:

Failure to attach documentation where requested below will delay your application! This documentation should show proof you had a financial impact directly related to COVID-19. Examples include:
  • Notice from employer of layoff or reduction in hours.
  • Paystub from pre-COVID-19 along with recent paystub showing a reduction in hours.
  • Proof of receipt of unemployment.
  • Letter from physician that you cannot work due to COVID-19 symptoms or positive infection.
  • 2019 W2 with a recent paystub showing a reduction of income.

Since funds are limited, please go through the application carefully. If you are unable to apply online, or upload files, use the print application available on the previous page and submit via mail.